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Our Staff

Schwebel, Goetz & Sieben, P.A. utilizes a staff of qualified and experienced individuals to assist the personal injury and wrongful death attorneys in their representation of Minnesota’s injury victims. Under the direction of our firm partners, our attorneys, litigation paralegals, legal secretaries and investigators perform a variety of tasks on your behalf.

The quality of a law firm cannot be judged solely by the experience of its attorneys, because it's often the people behind the scenes who really make things happen. We're extremely proud to have the staff listed here as members of our team.

Feel free to contact Schwebel, Goetz & Sieben, P.A. law firm staff directly at one of the following e-mail addresses or call our main office line, (612)377-7777. We will respond to your requests promptly.

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Sandy Aaron - Legal Secretary
Sandy Aaron
Legal Secretary
Gwen Chase - Paralegal
Gwen Chase
Tammy Diepenbrock - Marketing Director
Tammy Diepenbrock
Marketing Director
Kelly Eckerman - Legal Secretary
Kelly Eckerman
Legal Secretary
Sherry Ekstrom - Legal Secretary
Sherry Ekstrom
Legal Secretary
Heather Erickson - Paralegal
Heather Erickson
Kari Frandsen - Paralegal
Kari Frandsen
Karen Gentilini - Legal Secretary
Karen Gentilini
Legal Secretary
Michelle Gronau - Paralegal
Michelle Gronau
Carolyn Gruesner - Paralegal
Carolyn Gruesner
Kelly Gutknecht - Accounts Payable
Kelly Gutknecht
Accounts Payable
Sharon Helgemoe - Paralegal
Sharon Helgemoe
Michelle Hammond - Receptionist
Michelle Hammond
Mary Kay Houston - Office assistant
Mary Kay Houston
Office assistant
Michelle Ilstrup - Legal Secretary
Michelle Ilstrup
Legal Secretary
Lisa Kannenberg - Legal Secretary
Lisa Kannenberg
Legal Secretary
Tei Kano - Paralegal
Tei Kano
Erin Kolasa - Office Assistant
Erin Kolasa
Office Assistant
Justice Krumwiede - Office Assistant
Justice Krumwiede
Office Assistant
Peggy Larkin - Legal Secretary
Peggy Larkin
Legal Secretary
Suzanne Lewis - Paralegal
Suzanne Lewis
Gene Marohn - Investigator
Gene Marohn
Duncan McIntyre  - Law Clerk
Duncan McIntyre
Law Clerk
Lisa McIntyre - Administrator
Lisa McIntyre
Stacie Mugazia - Paralegal
Stacie Mugazia
Namie Ott - Legal Secretary
Namie Ott
Legal Secretary
Rebecca Lerfald - Paralegal
Rebecca Lerfald
Karin Redhead - Paralegal
Karin Redhead
Jodi Ruis - Paralegal
Jodi Ruis
Michelle Shell - Controller
Michelle Shell
Eileen Sinnott - Legal Secretary
Eileen Sinnott
Legal Secretary
Kate Stifter - Paralegal
Kate Stifter
Lynn Van Allen - Investigator
Lynn Van Allen
Auna Weigman - Paralegal
Auna Weigman
Pao Fu Yang - Legal Secretary
Pao Fu Yang
Legal Secretary