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Safe Winter Driving Habits Could Save Your Life

Although winter does not officially begin until December 21, winter weather has already struck Minnesota. December snow storms brought nearly a foot of snow to some regions. In some places, the snow fell at a rate of nearly one inch per hour. During this first major snow storm, the Minnesota State Patrol responded to more…


What To Do After a Car Accident

Despite being a safe, conscientious driver, you may find yourself involved in a car accident. You can’t control what other drivers do, so you shouldn’t fool yourself into thinking that it can’t happen to you. It pays to know what to do in the event of a car accident. That knowledge will help you get…


Personal Injury Lawyers Can Ease Your Injury Recovery Process

In August of 2010, a horrific rollover automobile accident near Hermiston, Oregon left three members of a Minnesota family suffering from devastating injuries. While traveling on vacation, Jim and Chanelle Laitinen, their children and two other occupants were in a van making its way along the Interstate. The vehicle’s driver lost control due to a…


Safe Summer Travel in Minnesota

It probably comes as no surprise that road travel in Minnesota and across the U.S. drastically increases during the warmer months. AAA cites a leveling-off in gas prices as a reason for even higher numbers of drivers traveling by car this year. Holidays and summer vacations provide opportunities for fun in the sun, but with…


Minnesota Click It or Ticket Campaign in Effect

The attorneys at Schwebel, Goetz & Sieben would like to remind Minnesota residents that the national “Click It or Ticket” campaign to increase seatbelt awareness is in full swing. Many Minneapolis residents may have already noticed the new billboards that have been raised downtown, and the TV advertising is running on all major networks throughout…


Rollover: Types

Rollovers occur in one of two ways: Tripped Rollovers NHTSA data show that 95% of single-vehicle rollovers are tripped. This happens when a vehicle leaves the roadway and slides sideways, digging its tires into soft soil or striking an object such as a curb or guardrail. The high tripping force applied to the tires in…


Rollover Accidents responsible for 10,000 deaths per year in U.S.

Rollover vehicle accidents account for more than 10,000 deaths in the United States in a given year, more than side and rear crashes combined. Rollovers also result in thousands of serious injuries each year. Most of these rollovers and related injuries may have been prevented by drivers and/or manufacturers of cars, trucks, vans and SUVs….


U.S. proposes road tests to measure vehicle rollover

WASHINGTON (Reuters) — Regulators proposed road test standards Tuesday for measuring rollover risk in new vehicles, a cornerstone of landmark congressional requirements to improve auto safety after the Firestone tire debacle. The National Traffic Highway Safety Administration plans to put as many as 100 makes and models through two turning maneuvers at different speeds to…


The Physics of SUV Rollover Accidents

A recent PBS FrontLine program about SUV vehicle rollover accidents amazed me that no one, in the carmakers, in the legislators, or in the researchers, seemed to understand the very basic Physics involved! When I taught High School Physics, I gave problems comparable to that to the students! This presentation will describe the physics (and…


Minimize Risk and Injury

There are many ways to minimize the risk of vehicle rollover, as well as reduce the risk of serious injury should one occur. Statistics prove that wearing a safety belt has the greatest effect on reducing the chance of fatality—occupants are 75% less likely to be killed in a rollover crash if they are wearing…


Rollover- Causes and Types

Rollovers are complex crash incidents and are particularly violent in nature. Rollovers, more so than other types of crashes, reflect the interaction of the driver, road, vehicle, and environmental factors. So while vehicle type does play a significant role, other factors such as driver behavior and road and environmental conditions can also cause a vehicle…


Nation’s Top Selling Vehicles Top Rollover List

Most of the manufacturers are household names. Only In A Jeep. Built Ford Tough. Chevrolet – Like A Rock. And there’s a good chance one or more of them are in your garage right now. But what you don’t know is they may be putting you and your family in serious danger of a rollover…

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