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Safe Summer Travel in Minnesota

June 2012

It probably comes as no surprise that road travel in Minnesota and across the U.S. drastically increases during the warmer months. AAA cites a leveling-off in gas prices as a reason for even higher numbers of drivers traveling by car this year. Holidays and summer vacations provide opportunities for fun in the sun, but with more traffic comes greater risk of accidents.

High speed is a major reason for many summertime car accidents. Younger, less experienced drivers are more likely to cause accidents and suffer harm from them than older adults. With summer break in full swing, greater numbers of teenagers are on the road at the same time that many families are taking their family vacations.

Although drivers can’t control each other’s behavior, driving defensively and reacting to aggressive driving — including speeding — can help prevent potentially catastrophic accidents. Most drivers have witnessed or even participated in aggressive driving at some point.

Watching for signs of aggression enables careful drivers to avoid or diffuse potentially dangerous situations on the road. Weaving, tailgating, speeding, ignoring traffic lights and signs, and gesturing, yelling or honking at other drivers are common forms of aggressive driving.

If you’re the target of a hostile driver, the best way to respond is to ignore confrontational behavior and refuse to make eye contact. Buckle up if you haven’t already, and be sure children are securely fastened in their safety seats or other restraints. The aggressive driver may swerve into your lane or otherwise interfere with the safety of your vehicle and passengers.

If possible, have someone in your car write down the license plate number and make and model of the car in order to report the incident to the police. If you or your loved ones sustain injuries as a result of a serious accident, call a law firm specializing in personal injury immediately.

The legal experts at Schwebel, Goetz & Sieben are here to help you obtain monetary compensation for medical bills, lost wages and other damages. Call today for a free consultation with an experienced, dedicated auto accident attorney at 612.377.7777 or toll-free at 800.752.4265.

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