Rollover Accidents: What should I do?

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Rollover Accident: What Should I Do?

Experiencing any kind of car accident can be a traumatic experience. The sense of disorientation can increase significantly with a rollover, making it difficult to know what to do. These few tips can help:

  • Your health is always the first priority, so seek medical assistance immediately. There may be internal or other injuries that aren’t readily apparent, and allowing a medical professional to treat you is essential.
  • Don’t demolish the vehicle. Rollover accidents are sometimes the result of defective designs or faulty parts, and the vehicle itself is instrumental in determining possible negligence.
  • Gather information from everyone involved. The names, phone numbers and addresses of other drivers, witnesses to the accident and police responders are all key. Obtain a copy of the police report as well. Make copies for others if necessary, but always keep the information for yourself. If you’re taken to the hospital, ask a friend or a lawyer to help gather these details.
  • To the best of your ability, take pictures of your vehicle and other involved vehicles from various angles. Photograph the accident scene, tire tracks and any other relevant elements. If necessary, ask a friend for help.
  • Keep original accident reports, letters, statements, doctor’s reports, receipts and all other documents pertaining to the accident. If others require the originals, make copies for yourself.
  • Take notes during phone calls or meetings with doctors, insurance representatives, police officers or others regarding the accident or your injuries. Note the date when calls or meetings occurred, and ask for the person’s name and phone number. If relevant, ask for the business name and address as well.
  • Keep accurate records of all accident-related expenses, including medical costs, health supplies and car rental. Also list the value of any personal items that were lost.

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