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Minnesota Records 300th Traffic Fatality of 2018

How Can You Stay Safe on Minnesota Roads? Unsafe driving behaviors often lead to tragic outcomes. To promote road safety and prevent death and injury, it’s helpful to face the facts about traffic fatalities and their causes. In Minnesota, over 300 people have already died in traffic accidents this year. Last year, Minnesota reached the…


Father’s Day Weekend Was the Deadliest on Minnesota Roads Since 2016

Father’s Day is meant to be a day of fun on which people show appreciation to their fathers, but this day became deadly for too many people this year. In fact, Father’s Day weekend of 2018 was the deadliest on Minnesota roads since 2016. Between Friday and Saturday, 11 motorists lost their lives in fatal…


Fatal Car Accidents in South Dakota Experience a 60 Percent Increase

The highways in South Dakota have become more deadly this year, according to a report from the South Dakota Office of Highway Safety. During the first five months of 2018, there was a 60 percent increase in the number of fatal accidents in South Dakota over the number that happened during the same time period…


Staying Safe After a Crash on the Highway

The moments after a car accident can be confusing and scary. The high speeds and heavy traffic that come with highway driving make the situation even more overwhelming. Follow these tips to stay safe and protect yourself after a highway crash. 1. Stay at the scene. Leaving the scene of an accident can result in…


April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month

Although many people feel like technology is making them safer on the road, it could be putting their lives at risk. Infotainment dashboards, cell phones and hands-free technology are making driving more dangerous. April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month. Use this time to educate yourself and others about the importance of focusing on the road….


2,656 Holiday DWI Arrests in Minnesota Highlight the Dangers of Drinking and Driving

Minnesota law enforcement agencies worked with the Department of Public Safety Office of Traffic Safety (DPS-OTS) during the 2017 winter holidays to crack down on impaired driving. In an effort to decrease the number of deaths and create a safe environment for all on the state’s roads, agencies boosted enforcement efforts during the period of…


Traffic Fatalities Declining Across Minnesota, Iowa, North Dakota and South Dakota

2017 was one of the safest years in recent memory on the roads of Minnesota, Iowa, North Dakota and South Dakota as drivers appear to have implemented safer-driving methods while traversing the roads.  The figures in Minnesota were especially encouraging as the number of fatalities in 2017 (348) was the lowest since 1943 (274) and…


Winter Driving – Tips for Staying Safe on the Road

Minnesotans know that winter driving presents its own unique set of challenges and safety hazards. Prudent motorists that value their personal and financial well-being can take precautions to manage risk. Here are a few tips that will help keep you safe behind the wheel this winter. Keep an Emergency Kit in the Trunk If a…


Car Accidents Impacted by Speed and Distracted Driving During Summer

Each time you get behind the wheel of a car or truck, you have a responsibility to yourself and others to operate your vehicle in a safe way that won’t cause harm. While most people understand the importance of driving at a safe speed during the winter months, the warm and sunny skies of summer…


Safe Driving Made March 2017 the Second-safest Month on the Roads in Wisconsin Since World War II

According to preliminary data from the Wisconsin Department of Transportation, 28 people were killed in motor vehicle accidents during the month of March 2017. This was the second lowest number of people who were killed during the month of March since World War II. March of 2010 had the fewest deaths since the end of…


Distracted Driving Awareness Month Aims to Save Lives

Did you know that thousands of people die every year because of driving distractions? The National Safety Council observes the month of April as Distracted Driving Awareness Month in order to bring attention to this extremely serious and preventable problem we are facing.  Technology has drastically improved our quality of life. Our smartphones and GPS…


Wisconsin Traffic Fatalities Increased Statewide in 2016

The Badger State experienced 6 percent more deaths on the roads in 2016 than had occurred the previous year, and the director of the WisDOT Bureau of Transportation Safety, David Pabst, said that a number of factors played a role in that increase. These include people not using their seat belts, speeding and driving while…


South Dakota’s Safe Driving Habits Contribute to Low Vehicle Fatality Rate

South Dakotans have reason to be proud and feel safer on the roads after the number of motor-vehicle deaths in the state decreased over the past few years. Most other states had an increased vehicle fatality rate, according to the National Safety Council, an organization that promotes health and safety throughout the United States. That…


Safe Driving Habits Contribute to Decreased Motor Vehicle Fatalities in North Dakota in 2016

Preliminary data from the North Dakota Department of Transportation and the North Dakota Highway Patrol indicate that motor vehicle fatalities in North Dakota in 2016 were significantly reduced compared to the previous year, down 13 percent from 131 in 2015 to only 114 in 2016.  The vast majority of these 114 fatalities involved passenger vehicles,…


Winter Driving Safety Precautions

Everyone knows the importance of driving safely, but when the roads are covered with snow, keeping safety tips in mind is more important than ever. During the winter months, sleet, snow and ice can make handling your car difficult, and one wrong move can quickly result in disaster. Although winter driving comes with risks, you…


Iowa Traffic Fatalities on the Rise in 2016

According to the Iowa Department of Transportation, there have been 276 deaths from motor vehicle accidents so far in 2016, an increase of 18.45 percent from last year. That is more than one death per day. At this rate, it is estimated that Iowa will experience close to 400 fatalities from traffic accidents this year….


Michael Donaghue Explains How Schwebel, Goetz & Sieben Eliminated the Stress from the Legal Process

Michael was on his way to work one morning when he stopped to help some kids who were stuck in a ditch. As he was reaching into the trunk of his car, he was struck by another vehicle. The accident left his right leg broken, but it also crushed and severed his left leg. When…


An Unexpectedly Dangerous Time of Year for Minnesota Drivers

Many Minnesotans believe that most deadly traffic accidents happen during the winter. After all, ice and snow make roads far more slippery than rain. People often react with surprise when they learn that more fatalities occur in the late spring and summer. The Numbers The most dangerous part of the year extends from Memorial Day…


End Distracted Driving: National Distracted Driving Awareness Month

Since 2010, the U.S. Department of Transportation has designated April as National Distracted Driving Awareness Month. Distracted driving occurs whenever a motorist focuses on something other than the road: Phone calls, text messages, online videos, and food are a few examples. Such distractions can last mere seconds, but the consequences can lead to long-lasting tragedy….


Minnesota Supreme Court Gives Immunity to Deputy Who Ran a Red Light Without a Siren

On Christmas day, 2009, Hennepin County sheriff’s deputy Jason Majeski responded to a call regarding a burglary in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota. While driving to the scene, his marked K-9 SUV struck a passenger car, causing serious injuries to Jolene Vassallo, the car’s driver. On Wednesday, February 12, 2014, Minnesota’s Supreme Court ruled that Deputy Majeski…

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