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Safe Driving Made March 2017 the Second-safest Month on the Roads in Wisconsin Since World War II

May 2017

According to preliminary data from the Wisconsin Department of Transportation, 28 people were killed in motor vehicle accidents during the month of March 2017. This was the second lowest number of people who were killed during the month of March since World War II. March of 2010 had the fewest deaths since the end of the Second World War with 23. 

April is National Distracted Driving Awareness Month. While the month may be drawing to a close, it is important that people continue to drive safely and responsibly. The warmer months bring an increase of people traveling on the state’s roadways, including motorcyclists, bicyclists and pedestrians. It is important that all drivers take the pledge to continue exercising safe driving practices to keep everyone safer on the road.

The Wisconsin Department of Transportation has outlined several different safety tips that drivers should observe. They advise drivers to plan ahead so that they can avoid driving during the most congested time periods. Drivers should also avoid driving while they are upset, angry or overly tired. It is important that drivers are courteous to others, and they should avoid driving aggressively or speeding. It is better to be late than to get involved in an accident while in a rush to get to a destination. 

Distracted Driving Awareness Month highlights the special dangers that are posed by distracted driving. When a driver’s attention is distracted away from the road, he or she may travel a substantial distance while his or her eyes are focused elsewhere. Distracted driving may involve the use of cell phones for talking, texting, checking social media or looking at maps. People should avoid using their cell phones for any reason while they are behind the wheel of a vehicle unless it is an emergency. This can help to minimize the risk of accidents and save lives.

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