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Winter Driving Safety Precautions

January 2017

Everyone knows the importance of driving safely, but when the roads are covered with snow, keeping safety tips in mind is more important than ever. During the winter months, sleet, snow and ice can make handling your car difficult, and one wrong move can quickly result in disaster. Although winter driving comes with risks, you can safely transport yourself and your family by taking the right precautions. In addition to learning how to operate your vehicle in poor conditions, you can also learn what to do if you are involved in an accident so that you can safeguard your health and your budget, allowing you to have peace of mind. 

Avoid Traveling When Possible

When the snow and ice are bad enough, safety tips may not always be able to prevent you from experiencing a collision. Always check the weather reports for updates on the highways that are near you, and you must remember that some trips are not worth the possible hazards. So if the weather conditions seem exceptionally dangerous, stay home.

Reducing the Risk

In some cases, staying home won’t be an option, and you will have to take your chances on the snow-covered roads. Because of the added danger, ensure that you and your passengers wear safety belts. Doing so can go a long way in preventing serious injuries if you lose control of your vehicle. When you know that snow is expected, leave early to give yourself extra time to reach your destination. If the road on which you are traveling is slippery, drive slower than normal, leaving extra room between yourself and other motorists.

Although cruise control can help manage your fuel expenses, this feature presents an additional danger in hazardous conditions, so don’t forget to turn it off. Also, when snow or sleet falls from the sky, the law requires you to activate your headlights. Not only will this step keep you in compliance with local regulations, but it will also make you even more visible to other drivers.

No matter how tempting, do your best to avoid panicking if you start to skid because your default reaction can make the situation worse than it already is. When you lose control, take your foot off the gas, slowly turning the steering wheel in a safe direction.

If an Accident Occurs

If you or someone you know has been involved in an accident, put in the effort to protect your rights and compensation for recovery. Consult with the experienced accident attorneys at the law office of Schwebel, Goetz & Sieben as soon as possible, and you will have the best odds of reaching a favorable outcome.

Auto accidents can cause enough stress, and you don’t want to add a legal battle into the mix. When you let us stand by your side, we will take care of the legal issues, and you can focus on your recovery. Call 612-377-7777 or toll free at 1-800-752-4265 for a free consultation.

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