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How Does a Law Firm Help You During a Legal Battle?

 If you have been injured in an accident, you already understand the stress that comes with the experience. In addition to the physical pain, you also face the anxiety associated with medical care and the ongoing efforts to receive just compensation for your injuries. Ideally, things will go as smoothly as possible following an accident,…


Minnesota Supreme Court Affirms Record $5.6 Million Wrongful Death Award

Corey Chase was an outgoing young man with a wide circle of friends and close family ties when he was killed on September 26, 2003. Corey was a passenger in a car with three friends that entered the Ferry Street railroad crossing over BNSF tracks on a dark overcast evening. The gates at the crossing…



Taylor Waggoner, 12, visited the Angel of Hope statue, where her family has placed a memorial brick to honor her father, Corey Chase, who was killed in the crash. Judge likens case to Grisham novels. BNSF: ‘Best practices weren’t followed.’ Pam McArthur-Elliott didn’t like driving over the railroad tracks on Ferry Street in Anoka. The…


“Federal Employers Liability Act – F.E.L.A”

Article Author: Larry E. Stern What is the FELA? In 1908, Congress passed the Federal Employers’ Liability Act (FELA). This law assures a railroad employee a safe work place and gives them and their families the right to recover compensation if injured is a railroad related accident. Many railroad workers have been led to believe…


Two injured after light-rail train hits SUV

Two people were injured and taken to the hospital Sunday after a light-rail train hit an SUV. The accident happened at about 4:30 p.m. at East 42nd Street and Hiawatha Avenue. The two-car train traveling at around 45 mph struck the SUV on the driver’s side, said Metro Transit spokesman Bob Gibbons. The train pushed…


Safety Rail/Highway Tips & Rules

The Law and Railroad Crossing Signals In most states, motor vehicle laws read: "Whenever any person driving a vehicle approaches a railroad grade crossing and signals indicate an approaching train, the driver of such vehicle shall stop within fifteen feet from the nearest rail of such railroad and shall not proceed until he can do…



Trains are a great addition to the Twin Cities. But like any moving vehicle, they come with warnings. Make safety a priority on and around trains. Adults and children should learn how to be safe around the tracks. National studies show that light-rail trains are safer than cars, trucks – and even buses. Metro Transit…


The importance of investigating railroad crossing accidents

Many police officers have had the unpleasant experience of investigating a railroad crossing accident. In addition to the human carnage found at the scene, officers know that these investigations are, by necessity, detailed and burdensome. The officer knows that he will be questioned by investigators and lawyers. Civil trials often result from railroad crossing accidents,…


Amtrak Accidents

The National Railroad Passenger Corporation (better known as Amtrak) is a for-profit corporation that operates intercity passenger rail services in 46 States and the District of Columbia, in addition to serving as a contractor in various capacities for several commuter rail agencies. Rail service in Alaska is operated by the Alaska Railroad Corporation. Amtrak was…


“Railroad Passenger Accidents and Injuries”

Article Author: Paul E. Godlewski Railroads continue to play a vital role in the American economy with more than one hundred thousand miles of rail line throughout the country. While passenger use of railroads has declined over time, rail transportation continues as a popular high-volume, low-cost method to ship freight and goods. The ongoing use…


Highway-Rail Crossing Program

Summary A highway-railroad grade crossing is an intersection where a roadway crosses railroad tracks at the same level (referred to by civil engineers as the same “grade”). America’s landscape is currently dotted with more than 250,000 public and private highway-rail grade crossings. In recent years, roughly 300-400 deaths have occurred annually at the Nation’s grade…



Operation Lifesaver urges everyday motorists and professional drivers to remember these tips: Never drive around lowered gates – it’s illegal and deadly. If you suspect a signal is malfunctioning, call the 1-800 number posted on or near the crossing signal or your local law enforcement agency. Never race a train to the crossing – even…


“Train Accidents Blamed on Maintenance Cutbacks, Crew Fatigue”

Article Author: Paul E. Godlewski Serious train accidents are caused by a variety of mechanical and/or human factors. A spokesman for the Federal Railroad Administration in Washington and others have suggested that many mechanical failures are actually a result of deferred maintenance. The railroad companies, he said, in an effort to eke out greater profits…


Railroad Accidents – History

NOTE: Very few passengers were killed in a single U.S. train wreck up until 1853. These early trains ran slowly and made short trips, night travel was rare, and there were not many of them in operation. 1831   June 17, nr. Charleston, S.C.: boiler exploded on America’s first passenger locomotive, The Best Friend of…


Light Rail Train Accidents – Metro Transit

INTRODUCTION TO METRO TRANSIT Beginning June 26, 2004, the Hiawatha Line offers fast, quiet light-rail service to 12 stations between downtown Minneapolis and Fort Snelling. Dozens of bus routes are timed to connect with trains at Hiawatha Line stations, making it easy to get to work, to shopping or wherever you need to be. Hop…


Railways sued over Arborg man’s death

An Arborg couple has launched a lawsuit against two railroad companies and the State of Minnesota, alleging their 21-year-old son’s fatal collision with a freight train last year shouldn’t have happened.   Robbie Johnson, 21, died instantly on Jan. 28, 2005, when his semi — carrying a load of crushed cars — collided with a…


TRAFFIC ACCIDENT: Family to file suit

The family of a Canadian truck driver who died last year after his semi struck a moving train in Minnesota is planning to sue two railroad companies and the state for negligence.   Robbie David Gordon Johnson, 21, was driving a 1994 Kenworth tractor and trailer rig Jan. 28, 2005, when he collided with a…


Railroads, state face lawsuit from fatal crash

  The family of an Arbog, Manitoba, Canada, man has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against two railroad companies and the state of Minnesota for the man’s 2005 death near Thief River Falls. The family of the late Robbie David Gordon Johnson, 21, is suing Northern Plains Railroad Inc., Canadian Pacific Railway and the state…


Railroads are killing people

As a courtroom litigator I have litigated many cases against the railroad industry, one of the leading causes of injury and wrongful death. In 1990, according to statistics from the Federal Railroad Administration’s Safety Division, there were 23,140 injuries and 1,297 fatalities. In Ohio, 77 people were killed and 881 injured during this same period….