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How Does a Law Firm Help You During a Legal Battle?

 If you have been injured in an accident, you already understand the stress that comes with the experience. In addition to the physical pain, you also face the anxiety associated with medical care and the ongoing efforts to receive just compensation for your injuries. Ideally, things will go as smoothly as possible following an accident,…


Minnesota Department of Natural Resources Cracks Down on Drunk Boaters

As Independence Day quickly approaches, many people in Minnesota love to celebrate with a fun day on the water. Often times that celebration includes the consumption of alcoholic beverages as well. Unfortunately, many boaters fail to appreciate the dangers of drinking while boating, which could suddenly turn a celebration into a tragedy. That is the…


Minnesota Boating Safety Takes Center Stage as New Season Begins

Given the rapid rate at which ice has disappeared from lakes, rivers and streams across the state of Minnesota in recent weeks, a large number of boaters and fishermen have started their season a bit earlier than usual. By March 17 alone, the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR) reported that at least 400 fishing…


Personal Watercraft Laws

The popularity of personal watercraft (wet jets, wave runners, sea dogs, jet skis) has exploded over the last several years. Unfortunately, along with this popularity has come a dramatic increase in injuries. Minnesota Laws ALL personal watercraft are considered motorboats. Thus, laws that govern any other motorboats also apply to personal watercraft. The following is…


Minnesota Personal Watercraft Laws

DON’T MEET BY ACCIDENT Many boaters in Minnesota enjoy the exciting sport of riding personal watercraft (PWC). These speedy little craft now make up over four percent of registered boats in the state. Although the number of personal watercraft accidents is declining, inexperienced riders still seem to account for many mishaps. They may not be…


Alcohol and Drugs

Minnesota law prohibits anyone from boating while intoxicated (BWI)—that is, operating a vessel while under the influence of alcohol, a controlled substance or other illegal chemical. Alcohol and drugs cause impaired balance, blurred vision, poor coordination, impaired judgment (you’re more inclined to take risks when drinking), and slow reaction time. Alcohol contributes to about one-third…


“Swimming Pool and Diving Injuries”

Article Author: Peter W. Riley I. INTRODUCTION Although they are one of the country’s most popular forms of recreation, water sports, and specifically swimming and diving, are also quite dangerous.  Statistics from the National YMCA Aquatic Program indicate that there are over 300 drownings in private pools every year.  In the period 1945 through 1983,…


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