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Automobile Accident

Abdominal Injuries/Internal Injuries

A 32-year-old single man with a spotty employment history suffered severe abdominal injuries when a commercial van lost control on an icy road and hit his car head-on. Although our client had been drinking, defendant ultimately admitted fault as part of an agreement to submit the case to binding arbitration rather than jury trial. A settlement was negotiated before arbitration.

Car Accidents

Broken Bone Injuries

A family of three was involved in an accident on I-35W when the driver of their vehicle lost control due to snow and was eventually struck by a semi. All three sustained significant orthopedic injuries. Semi disputed fault.
$1,600,000.00Arbitration Award

Semi Truck Accident

Spinal Cord Injury

The case involved an award for a business executive who suffered a neck injury which resulted in a fusion.
$1,580,000.00Jury Verdict

Semi Truck Accident

Brain Injury and Neck Injury

This jury verdict was for a 44-year-old farm wife who suffered a closed head injury and required a neck fusion after a tractor/semi accident.
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