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Pedestrian Accidents


A Woodbury family lost their infant daughter when she and her grandmother were struck as they crossed Radio Drive.


ATV Accident

Amputation Injuries

A 16-year-old boy injured his right hand in an ATV roll over accident. Four fingers were crushed requiring surgery. All four fingers would eventually be amputated due to severity of injuries.

Automobile Accident

Daughter - fractures and head injury with personality change, Death of her unborn son, Mother - fracture and head injury.

The case involved a woman and her pregnant daughter who were injured by a careless truck driver.


Animal Accident

Loss of Fingers

The case involved a 4-year-old boy who had fingers on his dominant hand bitten off by a horse while visiting a riding stable.


Automobile Accident

Severe orthopedic injuries

A young woman suffered severe orthopedic injuries in an automobile collision with a drunk driver. The driver had inadequate insurance, but his employer was found liable because he was returning from a golf club where he had made arrangements for a social event sponsored by his employer, and was therefore legally proven to be on the job at the time of the accident.
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