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Product Liability


The case involved a settlement in a product liability action on a road roller for a college student working a summer job on a road construction crew

Semi-tractor trailer Accident

Traumatic Brain Injury

The case involved a 47-year-old woman who was a passenger in a van that was rear ended by a semi-tractor trailer in Orlando, Florida.

Semi Tractor-Trailer Accident

Multiple Fractures / Serious Brain Injury

The case involved a serious crash that occurred on a Twin Cities freeway when a semi tractor-trailer lost control while going westbound on a six-lane freeway. The vehicle jackknifed into the eastbound lanes striking the plaintiff's van. The plaintiff was trapped for almost two hours in the vehicle, and suffered severe injuries including a badly fractured hip, multiple skull fractures, a serious brain injury, and a fracture of the left arm. After over two months of hospitalization, he was released, and required follow-up hip replacement surgery. He was left with the effects of his brain injury leaving him permanently disabled from his prior work in real estate. Prompt investigation by experts hired by Mr. Riley, including the downloading of the "black box" data in the truck showed that the truck driver's explanation of how the crash occurred was untrue. Because the plaintiff was self-employed, Mr. Riley retained multiple experts to explain the income he was losing as a result of the crash, as well as experts to testify regarding his future medical care needs. The matter was settled at mediation for $3,400,000.00.

Airplane Accident

Traumatic Brain Injury

The case involved a 21-year-old woman who was a passenger on a Singapore Airlines flight that crashed on take off. She was pushed out of the back of the airplane seconds before it was completely consumed in flames.

Semi-Tractor Trailer Accident

Traumatic Brain Injury

The case involved a 46-year-old man whose vehicle was struck by a semi-tractor trailer that crossed over into his lane of traffic. The plaintiff was hospitalized for two weeks and unable to return to work because of his injuries.
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