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Semi Tractor -Trailer Accident

Traumatic Brain Injury

A 35-year-old mother and wife suffered brain damage and the loss of one leg as a result of a collision with a semi tractor-trailer which pulled out onto a highway in a thick fog. The trucking company claimed that the fog was unexpected and made the collision unavoidable. However, pretrial investigation revealed that the truck driver had been warned shortly before the accident not to drive until the fog lifted. An out of court settlement was reached shortly before trial.

Premise Liability


The case involved an award for a high school student made quadriplegic in a theatre accident.

Medical Malpractice

Brain Injuries

This case involved a recovery for a victim of medical malpractice. The plaintiff, an Army veteran, went to a hospital in Southern Minnesota reporting that he had blacked-out while driving his car. Investigation revealed a large aneurysm (a weakening in the wall of the blood vessel) in his brain. Because he had no health insurance, the plaintiff went to the Veteran's Hospital in Minneapolis. There, investigation confirmed the presence of the aneurysm. The decision was made to undergo surgery. Surgery was scheduled for a Monday morning, but when the plaintiff arrived at the hospital on Sunday afternoon, he was told that no one knew anything about the scheduling of the surgery; despite the fact the nurse's notes specifically reflected that the Plaintiff was to return that day for preparation for surgery. The plaintiff was sent home with instructions to return the next morning to meet with the surgeon. The Plaintiff and his family arrived at 10:00 a.m., and were not seen by the surgeon until 5:00 p.m. At that time, the Neurosurgical resident informed him that she had no idea why he was there, that surgery had not been scheduled, and he should go home and wait to hear from them. Five days later the aneurysm ruptured, and the plaintiff was profoundly brain damaged.

Product Liability


The case involved a settlement in a product liability action on a road roller for a college student working a summer job on a road construction crew

Semi tractor-trailer collision

Orthopedic injuries

A Twin Cities area husband and wife, riding in the family Suburban on a metro area freeway were suddenly confronted by the empty trailer of a semi that had lost control in the oncoming lanes, flipped over, and skidded on its side into their path. They saw the trailer for only an instant before crashing into it, too late to take evasive action. Both suffered extensive fractures requiring numerous surgeries, but were fortunate enough to avoid paralysis or brain injury. Suit was commenced in Hennepin County District Court and the case was settled at the pre-trial conference in 2009.
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