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Car Accidents

Injury to Children

Wrongful death of a minor child. motor vehicle crash.


Wrongful Death

Injury to Children

A construction project contractor piled a shipment of roof trusses in a vacant lot. The trusses were piled one on top of the other in rows. An 11 year old girl and her little brother were playing among the trusses when a pile of trusses fell on her crushing her to death. Schwebel, Goetz & Sieben sued the general contractor, the subcontractor, and a government agency which was involved in the building project. Liability and damages were disputed. Jim Schwebel and Jim Ballentine achieved a settlement of $900,000 for the girl's parents and siblings.
Lawyer Team:
, James R. Schwebel

Dog Bite

Injury to Child

The case involved a 9-year-old child who was bit in the neck by a neighbors dog. The dog had broken free of its chain and attacked the child as he rode by on his bike.


Pedestrian Accidents

Injury to Children

A mother and her three children were struck while walking on a parkway sidewalk by a defendant who was under the influence of drugs. The insurance company denied coverage and the matter was litigated in court. The judge ruled in favor of the injured family members and they received a substantial award for injuries suffered.


Dog Bites

Injury to Children

Nine-year-old girl bit by a dog on her right cheek resulting in scarring.
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