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Burn Injuries

Client sustained significant burns to 10% of her body after her new hot water heater exploded due to negligent installation and improperly securing the gas line.

Car Accidents

Burn Injuries

The plaintiff was a passenger in a stretch limousine that was rear-ended. The limousine's gas tank ruptured from the impact causing burns to over 18% of her body. She made a good recovery, but was left with scarring.

Premises Liability


A 2-year-old boy suffered severe scald burns from excessively hot water in an apartment building bathtub when his babysitter momentarily left him unattended and he climbed into the tub. The settlement was paid by the apartment building owner and the hot water heater manufacturer.

Injury to Children

Burns to Chin, Neck, Shoulder and Arms

The case involved a 9-month-old baby who was being attended to at an in-home day care center in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota. The day care operator had several young children in her home. The day care operator was cooking in the kitchen and decided to use a pressure cooker in order to make pea soup from split peas. When the defendant day care operator removed the lid from the pressure cooker, boiling hot pea soup escaped. The 9-month only suffered burns on her chin, neck, shoulder and arms, which were both 2nd and 3rd degree. Subsequent investigation indicated that the pressure cooker manufacturer sold the device with written instructions warning never to cook split peas.


Fuel Tank Explosion

Third degree burns

The case involved two young men who were injured in fuel tank explosion in 1996. This Federal Court case involved violations of state and federal regulations regarding underground fuel tanks.

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