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ABATE of Iowa Motorcycle Rider Education Classes Aim to Reduce Fatalities

April 2017

ABATE of Iowa District 15 is looking to lower the number of motorcycle fatalities in the Hawkeye State, which numbered 60 in 2016, according to the Iowa Department of Transportation. Education is ABATE’s focus as members believe that it is more impactful than any legislation that has or will be passed. 

On March 25, 2017 the organization hosted its annual Two Wheel Trauma at Genesis Heart Institute in Davenport. There, members educated both riders and those who are regularly behind, next to and in front of motorcyclists on the roads so that everybody can help reduce the number and severity of dangerous situations on Iowa’s roadways. 

Also important is ensuring that those involved with or who come upon a motorcycle accident know what to do to help those impacted. What happens in these types of incidents often differ quite a bit from automobile accidents such as injury mechanisms and the possibility of riders going over handle bars. What occurs in the days and weeks following the accident were addressed too. 

ABATE also regularly offers Motorcycle Rider Education programs, which cost between $75-180. The Basic Rider Course, the most popular one, includes a textbook, 10 hours of instruction while on provided motorcycles and five hours of instruction in classroom settings. 

Those who complete the course will be able to start instinctively making the safest decisions while riding and, if an accident does occur, know what to do to ensure that they and any others who were involved are cared for as quickly and effectively as possible. 

An Iowa Department of Transportation certificate of completion can also be earned by passing riding skills and written tests, which can result in the waiving of the riding portion of the testing process. Those who have not yet reached the age of 18 are required to earn this certificate in order to attain a motorcycle operator’s license. 

The Returning Rider Basic Rider Course, Basic Rider Course 2 and Basic Rider Course – 3-Wheel are also available. 

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