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2012 Traffic Crash Report: Deaths Up 7 Percent from 2011

June 2013

According to the Minnesota Department of Public Safety’s Office of Traffic Safety, Minnesota experienced 395 traffic-related deaths in 2012, up seven percent from 2011 and the first increase since 2007. This increase can likely be attributed to more miles traveled by motorists and a mild winter, which reduces the amount of caution drivers use on the road. While we continue to have one of the lowest fatality rates per 100 million vehicle miles in the U.S., it is still too many Minnesotan lives lost.

According to the Minnesota 2012 Crash Facts, the most common contributing factors of crashes in 2012 were distracted driving, failure to yield and traveling at unsafe speeds. Only a quarter of the traffic fatalities in 2012 could be related to drunk driving, but almost a third of the deaths were because the victim was not wearing their seat belt.

Overall, Minnesota is still forty percent below their traffic fatality rate from a decade ago. The increase in education about dangerous driving likely has contributed to the dramatic decrease, as well as the establishment of stricter laws related to driving. Continued education of the laws and latest hazards associated with driving are a motorist’s best defense in staying safe on the road, and the Minnesota Department of Public Safety’s Office of Traffic Safety has developed a website that includes the latest news and statistics related to traffic and traffic safety, helpful tips and other information useful for drivers. However, even with the education and laws, accidents can still happen.

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