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Certified Civil Trial Specialist -MSBA

When the Minnesota State Bar Association designates an attorney as a “Certified Civil Trial Specialist”, it means that such attorneys have attained a level of experience and skill at trial, and that they are proficient at pursuing litigation through trial. The Minnesota State Bar Association designates lawyers as “Certified” only when they’ve met those standards and criteria mandated by the state bar association.

How does an attorney become a MSBA “Certified Trial Specialist”?

One must be a member of the Bar in good standing for a minimum of five years;

One must fully disclose any ethical complaints or malpractice claims;

One must show that they’ve actively participated in the preparation and pursuance of numerous civil litigated matters (practicing civil litigation 50% of the time);

One must show that they’ve acted as the principal attorney on a mandatory number of trials in the State of Minnesota:

One must fulfill continuing legal education requirements;

One must submit six peer attorney and Judge References from those who would acknowledge and confirm the attorney’s skills, ethics and character.

One must pass a written exam which specifically addresses trial practice issues and procedures:

Certifications assist the consumer in identifying those attorneys who have reached a high level of competence and experience within a particular or specialized practice of law. Although there are in excess of 20,000 attorneys licensed to practice law in the state of Minnesota, as of April 10, 2007 there were only 128 Certified Civil Trial Specialist in the state. Schwebel, Goetz & Sieben has 9 Certified Civil Trial Specialists, which is more than any other law firm in the state of Minnesota.

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