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Hennepin County Bar Association

In 1919, the Hennepin County Bar Association was organized “in recognition of a demand for an association which shall include all reputable members of the profession in Hennepin County, and for the purpose of advancing the science of jurisprudence, promoting the administration of justice and upholding the honor of the law.”

Through its long and distinguished history, the Hennepin County Bar Association has continued to focus its activities on its original purpose — to maintain the honor and integrity of the legal profession and to serve and educate its members. While much has changed since 1919, our commitment to serve all our members has remained constant. Of those who brought our association into being, probably none could have imagined today’s diversity of membership or types of practice. Monthly meetings of the total membership have given way to a wide variety of activities and programs that attempt to match the interests and practices of this diverse membership and address current issues of concern to both bench and bar.

Hennepin County Bar Association exists to serve the needs of its membership by advancing professionalism, ethical conduct, diversity, competence, practice development, and collegiality in the legal profession. The association shall strive to ensure the fairness and accessibility of the legal system, promote public understanding and confidence in our system of justice, and work with the courts to improve the administration of justice.

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