“International Society of Barristers”

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“International Society of Barristers”

The International Society of Barristers is an honor society of outstanding trial lawyers chosen by their peers on the basis of excellence and integrity in advocacy. It seeks to preserve trial by jury, the adversary system, and independence of the judiciary.

Created in 1965, the Society arose out of a desire to bring together the best of the trial bar in a setting devoid of partisan interests, where the emphasis would be on warm fellowship without regard to their orientations as plaintiffs’ or defendants’ or insurers’ advocates. In such a setting it becomes possible to consider, rationally and in good will, issues of ethics and excellence in advocacy and the role of litigation in society. As individuals, the Fellows of the Society are committed to the highest of ethical standards and to civility in all their personal and professional relationships.

With a limited membership, the Society has Fellows from every state, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands, and from Australia, Canada, England, Scotland, and Mexico, with the great majority from the United States.

Members (the Fellows) are elected by the Society’s Board of Governors on nomination by a Fellow and after inquiry directed to other Barristers in the nominee’s region and to judges before whom the nominee has tried cases.

The Society holds a week-long convention annually that features an eclectic program designed to widen the members’ horizons and deepen their commitment to professional responsibility and service. 

Schwebel, Goetz & Sieben is proud to have two members of our firm listed as members of this outstanding group. They are: James R. Schwebel and William R. Sieben.  For more information about the International Society of Barristers please visit their web site

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