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Automobile Accident

Herniated Disc

The case involved a man who was driving a car that was rear ended.


Automobile Accident/Semi Tractor

Multiple Injuries-Including a back surgery

The case involved a 41-year-old woman who seriously injured her back when a semi-tractor trailer smashed into her a car.

$120,000.00Jury Verdict

Train Accidents

Back Injury

A railroad worker was injured near Portland, Oregon in a train wreck. Defendants claimed that the plaintiff was under the influence of drugs, but the jury did not agree.


Automobile Accident

Disc Injury Surgery

The case involved a 19-year-old man who seriously injured his back in an automobile accident.


Auto Accident

Neck and back injury (Surgery)

The case involved a 38-year-old man who was driving his pickup truck to his office, when he was rear end by the defendant vehicle.

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