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Dog Bites


A five year old girl was bit on her lip and cheek by a small dog. There was some residual scarring on this fair-skinned young lady.


Semi-truck Accidents

Biceps Injury

A 57-year-old over-the-road trucker was struck on a highway in pennsylvania when another trucker carelessly passed. The plaintiff suffered a biceps injury which resulted in wage loss for a period of time, but he did return to work.


Bar Altercation

Multiple Injuries Including Hearing Loss

A 24-year-old client was in a bar and was struck by another patron. The plaintiffs injuries included a claim for hearing loss. Liability or in other words fault, was disputed by the insurance company.


Bicycle Accidents

Brain Injuries

The case involved a 20 year-old college student who was riding his bicycle when a driver struck him. He was knocked to the pavement and lost consciousness. He sustained a mild traumatic brain injury which delayed his college graduation by a year.


Car Accidents

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Injuries to Shoulder, Knee, and Back

A middle-aged woman suffered post traumatic stress disorder and injuries to her shoulder, knee and back. She was hit by a motorist that lost control on slushy roads.

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