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Premises Liability

Crushing of the leg

The case involved a 42-year-old homeowner who had hired the defendant to do some landscaping work in conjunction with construction of his new home. At some point during the work the defendant invited the plaintiff to operate the bobcat (Skid Loader). While carrying a load of earth in the bucket, the bobcat suddenly tipped forward. The plaintiff was thrown from the seat. His leg was trapped between the bucket and the frame of the bobcat. He attempted to extricate himself by operating the bucket control lever. He pushed the lever in the wrong direction causing a severe crush injury to his right leg.

Product Liability

Orthopedic injuries

A 34-year-old farmer was injured when the forks of a forklift suddenly dropped on him while he was bending underneath to attach a chain to an object to be lifted by the machine. Suit was brought in South Dakota against the owner of the machine. The evidence developed before trial proved that inadequate maintenance of the machine had caused its failure.

Car Accidents

Broken Bone Injuries

Elderly woman struck head on by distracted driver. She suffered two fractured legs with degloving injuries.

Semi Truck Accident

Multiple orthopedic fractures to jaw, arms and legs

The case involved a middle age woman who was driving eastbound on Highway 12 near Orono, Minnesota. The defendant lost control of their semi-tractor trailer and proceeded into the eastbound lanes. The front end of the plaintiff's car collided with the right side wheels on the defendant's tractor, as it was sideways in her lane. Negligence against the defendant trucking company was based on excessive speed, failure to keep the tractor trailer under control and the tractor brakes that were seriously out of adjustment.

Motorcycle Accidents

Broken Bone Injuries

Motorcycle accident resulting in two fractured legs requiring hardware replacement surgeries.
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