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Drunk Driving Accidents

Broken Bone Injuries

Father and son (14) sustained head injuries, crushed trachea and several fractures after being struck head-on by drunk driver going the wrong way on 694.

Semi Truck Accident

Broken neck at C1, Brown-Sequart spinal cord injury

The case involved a 23-year-old single woman who was struck by a pick-up truck towing a loaded trailer, which drove through a red light at a highway intersection in Zimmerman, Minnesota.

Premises Liability

Crushing of the leg

The case involved a 42-year-old homeowner who had hired the defendant to do some landscaping work in conjunction with construction of his new home. At some point during the work the defendant invited the plaintiff to operate the bobcat (Skid Loader). While carrying a load of earth in the bucket, the bobcat suddenly tipped forward. The plaintiff was thrown from the seat. His leg was trapped between the bucket and the frame of the bobcat. He attempted to extricate himself by operating the bucket control lever. He pushed the lever in the wrong direction causing a severe crush injury to his right leg.

$1,000,000.00Arbitration Award

Auto Accident/Broken Bone

Leg Injury(Multiple Fractures)

This case involved a 40-year-old gentleman that was a pedestrian when he was struck by an automobile at an auto show. His left leg was run over and he suffered multiple fractures. He went through extensive therapy to save the leg and amputation could occur in the future. The defendants claimed the accident was the plaintiff's fault for stepping in front of the car and that the leg was going to be lost due to diabetes.


Automobile Accident

Multiple Fractures / Head Injury

The case involved a University of Minnesota athlete hit by a garbage truck on Christmas Eve in 1992. He suffered multiple fractures and a closed head injury.
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