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Premise Liability

Facial and hand burns

The case involved a 13-year-old boy who was severely burned in a gasoline explosion and fire. The boy entered the basement without the landlord's permission (allegedly). He said he was going to get his bike. No bikes were in the basement. He then knocked over a can of gas which was ignited by the water heater.
$400,000.00Jury Verdict

Slip and Fall

Traumatic Brian Injury

The case involved a young man who slipped on the ice and fell outside of a restaurant. He struck his head on the ground causing him to have short-term memory loss. The defendant denied negligence and offered zero before trial.
$321,000.00Jury Verdict

Slip, Trip and Fall

Broken Bone Injuries

Client slipped on an icy sidewalk in front of his apartment complex. He suffered a tibia fibula fracture that required surgery. He was 75 years old at the time of the verdict and had been retired for a number of years because of pre-existing medical problems.

Slip, Trip and Fall

Neck, Back and Spine Injuries

The case involved a 67-year-old man who parked his car in the parking lot of a business. He stepped out of the car and slipped on the icy pavement as he was walking into the store. He suffered a neck injury requiring a 4-level cervical fusion.

Slip, Trip and Fall

Orthopedic Injuries

The case involved a 63-year-old woman who tripped and fell on a rug over uneven cement slabs in front of a hotel. There was also inadequate lighting in the area. She fractured her femur requiring surgical repair and eventually a total hip replacement.
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