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Premise Liability

Facial and hand burns

The case involved a 13-year-old boy who was severely burned in a gasoline explosion and fire. The boy entered the basement without the landlord's permission (allegedly). He said he was going to get his bike. No bikes were in the basement. He then knocked over a can of gas which was ignited by the water heater.

Product Liability

Third-degree burns

The case involved a 60-year-old man who sustained third-degree burn injuries when the lid blew off an industrial cooker.

Premises Liability

Burn Injuries

A child burned his leg in a flash fire in his neighbor's garage. Skin graft, scar just below the knee. Settled for policy limits of 300,000.00.

Car Accidents

Burn Injuries

The case involved a 54-year-old woman who was rear ended by a commercial vehicle. She sustained a mild traumatic brain injury with residual issues and was unable to secure meaningful employment because of her injuries.
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