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$ 321,000.00Jury Verdict

Slip, Trip and Fall

Broken Bone Injuries

Client slipped on an icy sidewalk in front of his apartment complex. He suffered a tibia fibula fracture that required surgery. He was 75 years old at the time of the verdict and had been retired for a number of years because of pre-existing medical problems.
$ 320,000.00Settlement

Slip, Trip and Fall

Neck, Back and Spine Injuries

The case involved a 67-year-old man who parked his car in the parking lot of a business. He stepped out of the car and slipped on the icy pavement as he was walking into the store. He suffered a neck injury requiring a 4-level cervical fusion.
$ 245,000.00Settlement

Premises Liability

Fractured right tibia and fibula/fractured ribs.

The case involved a retired couple that was invited to a friend's new house. Because of the new construction, they had temporary stairs put in until the permanent stairs were finished. The couple was walking up the stairs when they collapsed.
$ 200,000.00Settlement

Slip, Trip and Fall

Fractured Hip

The retired claimant walked to a local dry cleaners to pick up some pants at a strip mall near his home. Precipitation was light, but the weather was cold enough that the mist and light snow froze on the sidewalk near the entrance of the dry cleaners. The claimant slipped and fell, fracturing his hip. The cleaners was open for business in the early morning hours and there was no salt or sand placed on the icy sidewalk for the protection of customers.
$ 195,000.00Jury Verdict

Slip, Trip and Fall

Hip Fracture/Femoral Head Fracture

A middle-aged laborer living in a HUD owned property slipped and fell on the accumulation of ice and snow outside of his townhome door. There had been prior complaints about the ice accumulation that was due to the design of the town-home, but the problem was never addressed. The claimant slipped and fell, fracturing his hip.