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$ 625,000.00Settlement

Semi Truck Accident

Multiple orthopedic fractures to jaw, arms and legs

The case involved a middle age woman who was driving eastbound on Highway 12 near Orono, Minnesota. The defendant lost control of their semi-tractor trailer and proceeded into the eastbound lanes. The front end of the plaintiff's car collided with the right side wheels on the defendant's tractor, as it was sideways in her lane. Negligence against the defendant trucking company was based on excessive speed, failure to keep the tractor trailer under control and the tractor brakes that were seriously out of adjustment.
$ 500,000.00Settlement

Semi Truck Accidents

Paraplegic-loss of the use of both legs

The case involved a 13-year-old passenger in a vehicle that pulled out in front of a truck. The truck was hauling gravel, and according to the weight sheet, was overloaded. The claim was made that the truck would have been able to stop if loaded properly. The case settled for the policy limits of $500,000.
$ 117,500.00Settlement

Semi-truck Accidents

Biceps Injury

A 57-year-old over-the-road trucker was struck on a highway in pennsylvania when another trucker carelessly passed. The plaintiff suffered a biceps injury which resulted in wage loss for a period of time, but he did return to work.
$ 90,000.00Settlement

Semi Truck Accidents

Posterior labral tear, right shoulder adhesive capsulitis (surgery), disc bulge at C5-6, head Injury

The case involved a 40-year-old mother who was driving home from her parents' house in Watertown. She was driving her 1994 Chevrolet Blazer heading westbound on Highway 55. She stopped in a long line of traffic. Her car was struck from behind by an International semi tractor-trailer truck.