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Why Personal Injury Attorney Jim Schwebel Does What He Does

February 2013

Attorney Jim Schwebel sat down to reminisce about one of his first experiences as a personal injury lawyer. He met with a man who became paralyzed due to an accident caused by a drunk driver. Mr. Schwebel remembers driving down a long dirt road in western Minnesota to meet with his new client. Once he arrived, the man’s wife took him to a back bedroom where the man was lying in a bed. The room did not have air conditioning, and there were flies buzzing around overhead. Sadly, when the flies landed on Mr. Schwebel’s client, he was unable to shoo them off his body. In fact, his wife remained nearby to keep the insects away from her husband.

At that moment, Mr. Schwebel knew that he needed to help the man gain the funds necessary to acquire rehabilitation and a better life. As a lawyer he also realized that the family needed someone to speak for them and make those responsible for the man’s injuries understand the gravity of the family’s loss and compensate them. Jim Schwebel was successful, and his client’s lifestyle has significantly improved.

About Jim Schwebel

As the founding member of Minnesota’s largest law firm that focuses on litigating personal injury cases, Jim Schwebel has advanced legal experience that you can trust with your situation. Since 1988, he has been included in Woodward White’s list of The Best Lawyers in America, and "Minneapolis Best Lawyers Personal Injury Litigator of the Year" for 2011. Minnesota Law and Politics also featured Mr. Schwebel in their list of "Top 10 Super Lawyers" as did the National Law Journal where he was considered one of "Minnesota’s Top Ten Litigators."

Jim Schwebel has effectively represented victims in several famous lawsuits including the case against the MGM after a fire broke out in the Las Vegas hotel. He also fought for survivors of the Williams Pipeline explosion, and he represented family members who lost their loved ones during the Galaxy Airlines crash in Reno, Nevada. In 2002, Mr. Schwebel collected the largest settlement ever recorded for the wrongful death of a young person. During 2005, Jim Schwebel won more than $50 million in compensation for the victims of the Minneapolis bridge failure.

Mr. Schwebel knows that a financial reimbursement won’t lessen the pain and suffering that accident victims or surviving family members face after a tragic event claims the life of a loved one or severely alters their life. However, he does believe that a monetary reimbursement can alleviate their financial burdens and make their new life easier to bear.

Jim Schwebel even extends his helping hand to animals as he ensures that homeless dogs receive their rabies vaccinations. He has also launched several foundations to combat animal cruelty.

Professional Action

Schwebel, Goetz and Sieben is a law firm that specializes in personal injury cases. The attorneys have the experience and the passion to help you with your situation. When a disastrous event affects your life by causing a personal injury or bringing about the death of someone you love, you’ll need an advocate to fight for you. Frequently, injuries caused by an accident require extensive medical treatments, which are expensive. Therefore, you may need financial compensation to cover these unexpected expenses. In addition, the law firm will act quickly to settle your claim.

They will acquire evidence to support your lawsuit and work with specialists in the forensics, medical and scientific fields to build your case and make sure that you receive the funds that you deserve. If you have a personal injury claim, then be sure to call Schwebel, Goetz and Sieben for help at 612-377-7777 or toll-free at 1-800-752-4265 for a free consultation.

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