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Why I do what I do – Cody Scharpf

September 2020

Cody ScharpfI am a people person and from a young age, loved being able to help others.  When I became a lawyer, personal injury seemed like a great fit for me and a platform where I felt I could truly help people through often the most difficult time in their lives.  When I began practicing as an attorney, I was handling personal injury cases representing both Plaintiffs and Defendants.  I then spent a few years working solely on behalf of Defendants, which I think gave me an interesting perspective in what insurance companies were looking for in cases and how to work to get cases resolved.

I have always wanted to get back to representing individuals who were injured in accidents, and jumped at the opportunity to come to such a reputable firm such as Schwebel, Goetz & Sieben.  I knew all the attorneys at the firm were not only professional and courteous, but also worked exceptionally hard to get outstanding results for their clients.  I work my hardest to treat every case as if my client were a close friend or family member and think of how they would like to be treated.

I enjoy walking clients through the process in a personal injury case and helping them through a stressful time.  Knowing that I can guide my clients through the process and take away some anxiety they feel and ensuring they can focus on their recovery is incredibly rewarding.

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