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Top Appellate Super Lawyers

Minnesota Law & Politics
October 2000

While you may have only one chance at life, American law sometimes gives you a second chance. The second chance is found at the appellate courts. Appellate courts review the work of the lower court to make sure the law has been properly applied. To do well in an appellate court, you need a lawyer with special skills and abilities – someone who can persuade three or more legal minds that your view of the law is correct, even if the trial judge disagreed with you. That takes a special lawyer: an appellate specialist.

Sharon Van Dyck is one of the best appellate specialists in the state of Minnesota. In October 2000 Law & Politics ranked her among the top ten appellate lawyers in the state of Minnesota. The ranking is based upon a vote taken among lawyers throughout the state, many of whom have been Sharon’s adversaries. She has fought for clients in the state and federal appellate courts more than 70 times in the past 13 years, winning reversals in many and establishing new law in several. Respected by other attorneys and the judiciary as well as her clients, Sharon has what it takes to win.

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