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Schwebel, Goetz & Sieben Supports Accident Victims Inspiring Others

September 2012

Victims have two choices: continue to be a victim or move forward. Who better to encourage forward progress than someone who has been an accident victim and moved forward to amazing things?

Tasha Schuh was only sixteen years old when her life changed forever. During a practice session for the high school musical, someone left a trap door open, and Tasha stepped back into the open hole, falling 16 feet to a cement floor and breaking her neck. The accident left her paralyzed from the chest down.

However, Tasha refused to let this change negatively affect her life. She finished high school, attended college and was recently crowned Ms. Wheelchair USA 2012. Already an advocate and inspirational voice for disabled individuals, Tasha will travel the country speaking to audiences about overcoming their challenges and promoting her new book “My Last Step Backward” in which she tells her story and how maintaining a positive attitude and holding on to her beliefs helped her move past the accident and live a full, rich life.

Tasha and her mother contribute much of Tasha’s progress forward in life to the help they received from the law firm of Schwebel, Goetz & Sieben in Minneapolis, MN. When other attorneys told them they had no case, the attorneys at Schwebel, Goetz & Sieben helped them get the money they needed to pay Tasha’s medical bills and help Tasha take her life in a positive direction.

Kathy Schuh states that the law firm was like a friend through the overwhelming ordeal, helping them handle the medical bills and legal issues from the accident. “They took that burden off our shoulders and allowed us to concentrate on Tasha getting better,” Schuh remembers. The attorneys put a great deal of time and determination into the case, ultimately showing how the accident could have been avoided.

If you or a loved one has been injured or killed in an accident, contact the law firm of Schwebel, Goetz & Sieben at 612-377-7777 or toll-fee at 1-800-752-4265 for a free consultation. The experienced personal injury attorneys at Schwebel, Goetz & Sieben have been helping personal injury victims for over forty years get the money they deserve.

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