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A Runner’s Response to the Boston Marathon Tragedy

April 2013

We have a pretty large running community here in the office.  So the tragic events that took place at the Boston Marathon last week really hit home for several of our employees. Here is one reaction from a memeber of our staff:  

"As a runner, the Boston Marathon is the Holy Grail. It is a race that so many people aspire to participate in. Having tried to qualify several times, I know that my chances of running it are slim to none. But if I could, it would be to run it in memory of those who were injured or killed last week. It would be to show that you cannot take away the spirit of a runner, and that we aren’t scared of the actions of a few cowardly people. I hope that those spectators, while watching on Monday, who had hopes or dreams of becoming a runner are not deterred. That would be the greatest injustice of all."

Marketing Director Tammy Nelson

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