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Protecting Against Negligence Suits

Readers Digest
September 2004

All homeowners dread being sued by someone injured on their property due to negligence.  Here are protective measures recommended by James Schwebel, a leading Minneapolis personal injury attorney:

Open an umbrella.  Umbrella liability coverage is available through your homeowner’s or auto policy, and protects your assets against successful suits following injuries and damage on or off your property.

Most insurers provide $1 million in coverage for a few hundred dollars a year  “You want enough to protect assets that otherwise would be available to someone who obtain a judgment against you,” says Schwebel.

Eliminate danger.  Clear paths of ice and snow.  Lock up weapons, power tools and alcohol. Don’t leave toys or gardening tools where they could cause visitors to trip and fall.

Reduce risks.  Check with local officials to verify that pool fences and pet restraints are adequate and comply with town ordinances. 

“Sometimes your best investments are the ones you don’t make.”   Donald Trump

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