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Large Product Liability Settlement Secured by Attorney Paul Godlewski

March 2013

Emilio Delgado Sanchez was the operator of an industrial winder machine known as a PECO Winder 250-1100. This machine is used in the plastic film industry, and was deployed at the Berry Plastics plant in Bloomington, MN. On September 3rd, 2008, the winding machine malfunctioned, and Mr. Delgado Sanchez’s right arm was pulled in. This resulted in multiple injuries including the amputation of his right ring finger, fracture of the forearm bones, nerve damage, and extensive scarring and disfigurement. He has not been able to return to work.

Attorney Paul Godlewski represented Mr. Delgado Sanchez in his product liability case which was based on failure to provide proper point of operation safeguards, electrical logic program safeguards, and warnings and instructions for protection of the operator. The third-party liability claim was settled for $850,000.00.

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