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Minnesota Monthly Best Lawyers

Minnesota Monthly
June 2008

When innocent people become wrongfully injured victims, experienced attorneys at Schwebel, Goetz & Sieben work to make things right.
A car accident, a nasty fall, a dog attack, improper medical treatment. In a split second, life can forever change. When innocent people become wrongfully injured victims, a dedicated team of highly specialized and experienced attorneys at Schwebel, Goetz & Sieben, a Minnesota-based personal injury law firm, work to make things right. They fight hard to get fair results. This tenacity and persistence, combined with 35 years of quality representation and an unwavering commitment to clients, played key roles in their selection as “Best Lawyers in America.” These attorneys not only have experience and expertise in personal injury law (they devote their practice exclusively to personal injury and nothing else), they have an unyielding sense of integrity, and positive, courteous, caring personalities. They realize that their clients are going through some of the worst experiences of their lives and go above and beyond to help and comfort them throughout their difficult time. Their philosophy of service is not to meet expectations of their clients; but exceed them. The success of the firm has everything to do with the outstanding level of service provided to each and every one of their clients each and every day. Their track record speaks for itself. These talented lawyers have handled—and won—some of the highest profile cases in the state, resulting in substantial verdicts and settlements.(Minnesota Monthly)

Concentration: Plaintiff’s personal injury litigation.

Personal philosophy: Personal injury litigation is exciting and rewarding in that we are called in to assist folks whose lives are often in upheaval following a serious injury. There is no greater sense of professional accomplishment than achieving a verdict or settlement that will provide a badly injured person financial security for the rest of his or her life.

Biggest professional accomplishment: Ranked no. 1 in Minneapolis in Personal Injury Litigation with seven attorneys designated as “Best Lawyers.”  (As recognized by Best Lawyers in America.)

For more information, please contact Tammy Offerman (tofferman@schwebel.com) at 612-344-0338 or schwebel.com.

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