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“Medical Payments Coverage”

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December 2004

If a person is injured while on another’s premises, such as a business, home, or apartment complex, many policies covering the building or home will contain “medical payments” coverage. 

While each policy will vary somewhat, coverage generally will provide payment, without regard to whose fault the injury was, for medical bills to treat injuries suffered on the property. 

Generally, these policies will require that claims be submitted promptly, and will usually only cover medical expenses incurred within a specific period of time, generally one year. 

The payments under this medical payments coverage will include physician, hospital, therapy and other medical expenses.  This coverage can also be used to reimburse co-pays for covered medical expenses that are paid by a person’s own health insurance. 

Given the time constraints that most policies contain, it is very important to consult an attorney promptly to make sure that this valuable coverage is paid

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