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Jim and Mary Schwebel Underwrite Compassion without Borders New Veterinary Clinic in Mexico

August 2015

Jim and Mary Schwebel have partnered with Compassion without Borders in order to open a veterinary clinic in Puerto Penasco, Sonora Mexico. The new facility is designed to treat diseases that commonly affect stray animals.  The clinic will provide numerous vaccinations, spaying and neutering, as well as seeking permanent homes for homeless animals.

Co-founders of Compassion without Borders, Veterinarian Christi Camblor and her husband Moncho, said, "We wish to express our most sincere thanks to Jim and Mary Schwebel, whose generosity and compassion for the animals of Mexico have enabled a world of good work. Jim and Mary went way beyond just standing back and feeling sorry for the animals they saw suffering on the streets of Mexico. They worked hard to figure out the solutions that will prevent suffering and then actively worked to implement those solutions. Jim and Mary’s generosity is responsible for the opening of a spay/neuter clinic which is operational 5 days a week performing high-quality surgeries and getting to the root of the problem in a sustainable and meaningful way."

Compassion without Borders is a 501c3 non-profit dedicated to providing a brighter future for animals in the United States and Mexico since 2001. The organization’s international programs encourage individuals to adopt animals that were rescued, and so far, they’ve facilitated more than 1,500 animal adoptions.

Jim Schwebel is well-known for his expertise as a Minnesota personal injury attorney who has been helping clients since 1968, and established the law firm of Schwebel, Goetz & Sieben in 1974. The firm is comprised of an exceptional staff and eighteen highly experienced attorneys who are committed to helping their clients through difficult times. Jim was included in the “Minnesota Lawyers Hall of Fame”, a listing of the one hundred most influential Minnesota lawyers of all time.

Jim and Mary Schwebel have frequently visited Puerto Penasco, Sonora Mexico. The couples’ concern about the large number of sick and starving animals has been the motivation of their ongoing efforts. According to one report, the lack of clinics that spay and neuter dogs has caused the population of stray canines to increase by more than 80 percent during the last 10 years.

Seeking to make a difference, Jim and Mary agreed to underwrite 100% of Compassion without Borders costs involved in constructing, staffing and operating a new veterinarian clinic to provide spay, neutering, and heath care to the animals. This includes ongoing expenses that are associated with purchasing vital equipment, vaccines, cages for animals of all sizes and first aid kits. Moreover, Jim and Mary ensured that the facility meets all local regulations and exceeds the standards of numerous organizations that oversee veterinary clinics worldwide.

The experts at the facility can spay and neuter dogs of all types, and the clinic will provide medical care for stray canines and abandoned cats that are malnourished. The facility’s experts are able to treat abrasions, eliminate fleas in a canine’s fur, provide vaccinations for multiple diseases and create comprehensive evaluations of each animal’s health.

To learn more about Compassion without Borders and make a donation, please visit cwob.org or call (707) 474-3345 (United States) or (55) 8525-7383 (Mexico City).

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