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Attorney Paul Godlewski to Chair Minnesota Association for Justice Panel on Traumatic Brain Injury

March 2013

On Friday March 22nd, attorney Paul Godlewski will co-chair a Minnesota Association for Justice seminar on the topic of traumatic brain injury [TBI], and mild to moderate traumatic brain injury [MTBI]. This seminar will highlight the new developing MRI diagnostic imaging technique known as diffuse tensor imaging [DTI]. The seminar will be the first of its kind in Minnesota.  Robyn Wheeler from the Brain Injury Alliance of MN (formerly Minnesota Brain Injury Association) will speak on the topic of federal, state and local resources for victims of TBI & MTBI and their families, including those available to our clients.  

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For more information, please contact Paul Godlewski (pgodlewski@schwebel.com) at 612-344-0327



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