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35W State Fund for Bridge Collapse Injured and Survivors Adjusted

Press Release
December 2007

We previously advised you about the fund set up by the State for the bridge collapse injured and survivors. The rules governing this fund have just been changed.

The fund will now pay 85% of gross income through the period of disability up to $10,000.00 per claimant. We assume this also applies to replacement wage loss of a decedent. If you received no-fault and workers’ compensation payments, these payments must be deducted from the 85%. The fund payments are for wage loss only and there is no payment for uncompensated medical expenses at this time from the State fund.

The following claim forms must be completed to apply for these payments:

1. Application for Benefits – Form A;
2. Wage and Salary Verification;
3. Release;
4. I-35W Emergency Relief Fund Partial Release Agreement; and
5. Public Claim Report.

You are entitled to payments from this fund up to 85% of any wage loss minus no-fault or workers’ compensation, long term, short term or any other benefits paid. If you need help in completing the claim forms, please call. The partial release only acknowledges that this is an advance payment toward any claim against the State. You are not releasing any claim against responsible parties.

The forms can be obtained from our office. We have provided these forms to our clients. Submit the forms as soon as possible as the Fund is currently limited to $1 million. If you have questions please contact our office.

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