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2012 Minnesota Motorcyclist Fatalities Pass 25-Death Mark

August 2012

A sad milestone was reached in Minnesota this past week. Yet another motorcycle fatality happened, which pushes the number past the 25-death mark. This is significant for a number of reasons. At this rate, for instance, 2012 is poised to be the deadliest year for motorcyclists since 2008. When compared with the same time last year, the number of motorcycle fatalities in the state has increased by a total of four. The numbers may be higher, but the reasons are largely the same. Driver inattention, failure to yield and motorcyclist error all appear at the top of the list.

Early Summer Weather a Major Contributing Factor

Another factor that has contributed to the alarming rate of motorcycle fatalities in Minnesota this year is the weather. Temperatures shot up to summer-like levels extremely early in the season. According to the Minnesota Department of Public Safety’s Motorcycle Safety Center, the first fatality happened on March 12, which was the earliest date for the type of incident since 2002. Yet another contributing factor is the record number of motorcyclists that are on the roads this year. More people are riding motorcycles in Minnesota than ever, which naturally increases the number of accidents and fatalities.

It doesn’t have to Be this Way

14 percent of the 191 people who have died in crashes in Minnesota this year have been motorcyclists. It doesn’t have to be this way. By taking care to share the road with one another, motorists and motorcyclists can increase everyone’s safety. In the event that the unimaginable does happen though, it is imperative to line up competent legal representation. Schwebel, Goetz & Sieben is available to help protect the rights of you and your loved ones. There is no reason that a motorcyclist shouldn’t be able to enjoy Minnesota’s wide, open roads without worrying about being hurt or killed by negligent drivers.

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