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Minnesota Association for Justice

In 1954, a group of prominent Minnesota attorneys practicing primarily in representing injured individuals realized the value of their informal networking sessions.  They decided to formalize their private network meetings by forming the Minnesota Association for Justice.  In the beginning, MAJ operated only with a letterhead.  Members met a couple of times a year informally, bringing their personal checks to settle up and pay any debts owed by the Association.

This informal networking proved to be invaluable.  MAJ grew, attracting more members and became more formal, renting office space and hiring a professional staff.  Today, MAJ has expanded beyond an association of attorneys primarily representing individuals who have suffered a personal injury.

The purpose of the Minnesota Association for Justice shall be to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States; to advance the science of jurisprudence; to promote the administration of justice; to uphold the honor of the profession of law; to apply its knowledge and experience in the field of law to the promotion of public good; to encourage fellowship among the members of the bar; and especially, to advance the cause of those who are damaged in person, property or civil rights and who must seek redress therefore at law; to help injured persons; to encourage the teaching of worker’s compensation, railroad, admiralty, tort, criminal and civil rights law by establishing lectureships and conducting a program of continuing legal education; and generally, to encourage scholarship and increase proficiency among members of the bar in our Association.

Minnesota Association for Justice helps members keep current on emerging topics, issues and trends through high quality seminars, conventions and institutes, as well as invaluable monthly and quarterly publications.  Recognizing the importance of protecting consumer rights, MAJ impacts critical legislative issues through its effective lobbying efforts.  The original purpose of networking continues to be one of the most valuable benefits of the vastly expanded membership of MAJ.

Schwebel, Goetz & Sieben is proud that all of its lawyers are active members of this elite organization.

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