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Car Accidents

Broken Bone Injuries

A family of three was involved in an accident on I-35W when the driver of their vehicle lost control due to snow and was eventually struck by a semi. All three sustained significant orthopedic injuries. Semi disputed fault.

Bicycle Accidents

Broken Bone Injuries

Bike vs. truck accident resulting in significant injury to client's left arm.
$1,100,000.00Jury Verdict

Automobile Accident

Significant hip fracture requiring and open reduction and plating of the acetabulum as well as a fracture of the knee cap requiring an open reduction and internal fixation with wires.

The case involved a 54-year-old man who was involved in a two-vehicle collision on an icy Minnesota highway. The defendant's vehicle had spun out of control and was blocking the road when the plaintiff t-boned his vehicle.

Product Liability

Orthopedic injuries

A sixteen year old boy was riding his brother's old bicycle, which had just been fixed up by a neighborhood bicycle repair shop. Driving the bike down a hill toward an intersection, he saw a truck pull out in front of him. He squeezed both brakes, but only the front brakes worked, and as a result he was thrown over the handle bars and under the truck, suffering severe orthopedic injuries. Suit was brought first against the bicycle repair shop and subsequently against the truck driver. Both defendants settled before trial.
$1,075,000.00Arbitration Award

Automobile Accident

Broken Bones

The case involved a woman who was driving her car across the Washington Avenue Bridge in Minneapolis. She lost control on an ice patch, and struck the bridge rail. She got out of the car to examine the damage, and just as she was re-entering the car, an uninsured vehicle lost control, striking the plaintiff and pinning her between her car and the uninsured vehicle. After recovery of an arbitration award of $775,000.00, plaintiff proceeded to collect additional amounts from the insurance on the vehicle which she was operating, a loaner vehicle from her car dealer. The car dealer's insurance company, Safeco, vigorously disputed the plaintiff's entitlement to benefits, resulting in two appeals (Safeco v. Goldenberg). The plaintiff's claims were ultimately upheld on appeal.
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