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$ 1,900,000.00Settlement

Medical Malpractice / Auto Accident

Hip dislocation

The case involved a 15-year-old young man who was initially injured in a motor vehicle collision. When brought to the emergency room, there was a misdiagnosis regarding injuries to the hips, which resulted in further significant injuries and damages ultimately leading to bilateral hip replacements.
$ 1,900,000.00Settlement

Semi-Tractor Trailer Accident

Broken Bone Injuries

21 year old man involved in a crash with semi- tractor trailer. Left acetabular and left femur fracture. Left ankle dorsiflexion loss which resulted in foot drop.
$ 1,900,000.00Settlement

Pedestrian Accidents


A Woodbury family lost their infant daughter when she and her grandmother were struck as they crossed Radio Drive.
$ 1,800,000.00Settlement

Automobile Accident

Daughter - fractures and head injury with personality change, Death of her unborn son, Mother - fracture and head injury.

The case involved a woman and her pregnant daughter who were injured by a careless truck driver.
$ 1,751,288.00Settlement

Animal Accident

Loss of Fingers

The case involved a 4-year-old boy who had fingers on his dominant hand bitten off by a horse while visiting a riding stable.