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$ 12,000,000.00Settlement

Automobile Accident

Severe spinal cord injury resulting in ventilator dependent quadriplegia

The 16-year-old plaintiff was a passenger in a vehicle being operated by a friend, also sixteen years of age. The driver lost control and the vehicle flipped over. The plaintiff sustained a severe spinal cord injury which left her paralyzed from the neck down and dependent upon a ventilator. The defendant's insurance company denied coverage for the crash, asserting the vehicle involved was removed from the insurance policy one month before the crash.
$ 9,500,000.00Settlement

Car Accidents


A 29-year old father of two was rendered tetraplegic in a rollover collision in which he
was a passenger. Challenging issues included the fact that both the client and the driver
had been drinking. Names of parties and other details confidential.
$ 5,000,000.00Settlement

Premise Liability


The case involved an award for a high school student made quadriplegic in a theatre accident.
$ 4,500,000.00Settlement

Product Liability


The case involved a settlement in a product liability action on a road roller for a college student working a summer job on a road construction crew
$ 2,100,000.00Settlement

Premise Liability

Spinal Cord Injury

The case involved a settlement for a 66-year-old homemaker who became a quadriplegic in a trip and fall accident at a shopping mall.