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$ 1,751,288.00Settlement

Animal Accident

Loss of Fingers

The case involved a 4-year-old boy who had fingers on his dominant hand bitten off by a horse while visiting a riding stable.
$ 627,000.00Settlement

Dog Bite

Injury to Child

The case involved a 9-year-old child who was bit in the neck by a neighbors dog. The dog had broken free of its chain and attacked the child as he rode by on his bike.
$ 375,000.00Settlement

Dog Bites

Facial Scarring

A young woman suffered bad facial scarring as a result of a dog attack. There was a legal issue whereby defendants claimed that they were not responsible because under the law she was taking care of the dog. We defeated this claim and got insurance to pay a significant sum.
$ 120,000.00Settlement

Dog Bites


A five year old girl was bit on her lip and cheek by a small dog. There was some residual scarring on this fair-skinned young lady.
$ 112,000.00Settlement

Dog Attack

Broken Ankle

This case involved a 32-year-old postal worker who was attacked by a dog. He slipped and fractured his ankle.