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Motorcyclist Fatalities in Minnesota Emphasize Need for Safety

August 2013

Newly released statistics have starkly illustrated the necessity of safety precautions when riding motorcycles in Minnesota. According to the Minnesota state government, motorcycle accident fatalities are up compared to 2012. At this time last year, eighteen motorcycle deaths had been reported, whereas of July 2013, twenty-six riders have lost their lives this year.

Regrettably, five riders died in the first ten days of July. Four out of five of these victims were riding without helmets. Government officials and concerned citizens throughout Minnesota are calling for greater safety awareness. In the wake of the recent highway tragedies, the Minnesota Department of Public Safety issued a statement about motorcycles and protective gear. For maximal safety, the department encourages riders to wear helmets, protective jackets and motorcycle-specific eyewear. Notably, riders who wear helmets improve their chances of surviving crashes by over forty percent.

In 2013, almost half of all riders killed were over fifty years of age. Without formal training, some older motorcycle owners are overconfident and woefully unprepared. Though reducing highway fatalities is a complex process, the predominant causes of accidents are fairly clear. According to Greg Pierce, a motorcycle expert at Century College, most accidents stem from lack of instruction and speeding. Every riding season, the state of Minnesota takes great pains to promote highway safety education. To this end, the DPS regularly offers training and safety classes for motorcycle riders of all ages.

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