Semi-truck Accident Attorneys

Semi-truck Accidents:

On average each year in Minnesota, there are about 1,330 Large truck accidents resulting in 84 deaths and 1846 injuries according to the Minnesota Department of Public Safety. Click the PDF below for more semi-tractor trailer statistics on factors including fatigue, drug or alcohol use, driver distraction and unsafe speeds.

Semi Tractor Trailer Accidents, Minnesota, 1997 - 2006

2006 Truck Crashes by First Harmful Event, MInnesota

Contributing Factors in 2006 Semi-Trailer Accidents, Minnesota

Drivers in 2006 Semi-Trailer Crashes By Physical Condition, Minnesota

Fatal and Injury Crashes in Large Trucks, 1995-2005

Involvement in Fatal and Injury Crashes and Involvement Rates for Large Trucks, 1995-2005