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Mark H. Gruesner

Direct Dial: 612-344-0322
Years in Practice: 43

Top Settlements

Areas of Practice
Personal Injury, Wrongful Death, Product Liability

Paralegal   Jodi Ruis

Legal Secretary   Kelly Eckerman

$2,700,000.00Arbitration Award

Semi tractor-trailer Accident

Massive Orthopedic and Internal Injuries

The case involved a 17-year-old man who was run over by a garbage truck. He suffered massive orthopedic and internal injuries including multiple compound fractures of his legs and a crushing injury to his pelvis. His urethra was obliterated and his colon lacerated. He had a colostomy which has been reversed. He has undergone several urologic surgeries and dilations. He is able to urinate however he also must self-catheterize. The liability issue involved negligence on the part of the driver and a direct claim against Waste Management for negligent hiring, negligence entrustment, and negligent supervision.

Wrongful Death


A 68-year-old grandmother was killed when the vehicle she was riding in as a passenger was struck by a farm truck. There were coverage questions regarding the defendant's employment, specifically whether he worked for a third party or if he was an independent contractor. Case settled for policy limits from all responsible parties, including the UIM carrier.

Wrongful Death


Settlement for wrongful death of a 19-year-old male who after hours of binge drinking, was electrocuted by his intoxicated friends when they wired his wrist and ankle to a light switch. The switch was turned on and off intermittently by his friends as a practical joke. However, the switch was inverted, and the current passed through the switch when it was in the off position rather than on. The case involved significant homeowners coverage issues, and was resolved on that basis.
$224,783.70Jury Verdict

Bus Accidents

Neck, Back and Spine Injuries

The case was an intersection accident where a school bus turned in front of the plaintiff. The plaintiff sustained soft tissue neck and back injuries, along with fractures of the metatarsal bones that required surgery. Liability and damages were vigorously contested. The case went to trial with the jury returning a verdict in the plaintiff's favor after four days.

Automobile Accident

Two orthopedic shoulder surgeries and aggravation of a prior soft tissue neck injury

The case involved a 48-year-old man who was involved in a severe car crash. As a result, he had to undergo two orthopedic shoulder surgeries, and also aggravated a prior soft tissue neck injury. The no-fault carrier not only paid the full extent of the disputed bills, they paid interest as well.