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Significant Cases: Robert J. Schmitz

Robert J. Schmitz

Direct Dial: 612-344-0414
Years in Practice: 40

Personal Injury, Product Liability, Wrongful Death

Paralegal  Michelle Gronau

Legal Secretary  Pao Fu Yang

$ 1,550,000.00Settlement

Drunk Driving Accidents

Traumatic Brain Injury

The case involved a 14-year-old young man who was injured when the pickup in which he was traveling rolled over. The defendant, a minor who was driving the vehicle was intoxicated.
$ 315,000.00Settlement

Construction Accidents

Back Injury

A journeyman carpenter fell when the handle broke on a Symons Corporation steel-ply system forming pan.
$ 160,000.00Settlement

Construction Accidents

Mild Head Injury

Sheetrock taper fell through an unguarded hole in floor.The primary claim was asserted against the general contractor who had overall responsibility for site safety.
$ 130,000.00Settlement

Motorcycle Accidents/ Auto Accident

Fracture sternum & cervical spinal (two surgeries)

The case involved a 51-year-old woman who was a passenger in a car. Suddenly, without warning, the defendant lost control of his motorcycle and swerved directly into the path of the vehicle in which the woman was a passenger. The motorcycle hit the front of the vehicle and crashed through the window, causing direct physical impact.
$ 125,000.00Settlement

Auto Accident

Shattered tibia and fibula of the right leg - lower leg surgically plated

The case involved a 25-year-old mother who was a passenger in a car driving to a ranch. The defendant's driver failed to yield the right-of-way, and smashed into the car the woman was a passenger in.
$ 110,871.82Settlement

Auto Accident

Neck and back injury (Surgery)

The case involved a 38-year-old man who was driving his pickup truck to his office, when he was rear end by the defendant vehicle.
$ 100,000.00Settlement

Automobile Accident

Lacerations and cuts to his face, headaches, torn diaphragm and four broken ribs, collapsed lung, broken pelvis on the left side with surgery

The case involved a 45-year-old man who was driving his car when another vehicle cut in front of him without warning. The plaintiff's car spun out and flipped over. The defendant had been drinking.
$ 100,000.00Settlement

Motorcycle Accidents

Fracture left forefinger, fracture left tibia (surgery), left ankle and shattered left elbow (Surgery)

The case involved a 31-year-old man who was riding his motorcycle, when the defendant driver failed to yield the right-of-way and smashed into the motorcycle.
$ 100,000.00Settlement

Pedestrian Accidents

Road rash to right side of back, right hip, and also skin grafting from the right hip and buttock area. Client also suffered deep lacerations and an open wound to the left knee

The case involved a 19-year-old young man who was walking to a friend's party, when someone leaving the party jumped into his van and ran him over. The young man was dragged under the van for about 100 feet. The driver of the van was exstemely intoxicated.